What Is Enterprise Labeling?

What Is "Enterprise Labeling"?

You don’t have to be an enterprise-sized company to have a need for Enterprise Labeling

“Labeling” might seem like an innocuous term that would apply to all businesses equally, but there are distinct aspects about it at the Enterprise level that make it different – as well as more challenging from both the process and technical angles too. There are six core pillars in a labeling solution that comprise a true “Enterprise” solution:

    1. It’s about the WHOLE supply chain – An Enterprise has the size, reach, and relationships – not to mention the need – to leverage a complete labeling solution to maximize efficiency up and down the supply chain, and not just in its facilities.
    2. Global Regulatory Regimes – Dealing effectively with the increasingly global nature of disclosure and labeling regulations, an Enterprise needs a solution that considers the cross-border nature of its business and the regulations to which they are subject.
    3. Customer and Supplier Responsiveness – Labeling solutions that allow your partners to customize and configure to their own processes, language, or regional requirements leads to higher accuracy and more.
    4. Enterprise Collaboration – Centralized access across your supply chain also reduces labeling errors and unnecessary relabeling.
    5. Logistical Continuity – Allowing global partners to leverage label templates and shift label production (or content) when necessary ensure the continued flow of goods and reduces potential sources of disruption.
    6. Brand Awareness – A centralized set of standards that reinforce your brand at every touchpoint reinforces the brand and creates barriers to counterfeiting.

These are some basic principles that can be part of the definition of “Enterprise Labeling” for your business. You might see that only 3-4 of them matter to your business, or you might recognize the need to improve on all of them.

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What Is Enterprise Labeling?

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