Modern labeling solutions represent an amazing evolution of technology and materials that perform far beyond any standard of 10-20 years earlier. Printers are more robust, faster, easier to use and require less maintenance, while labels and supplies have become more reliable and consistent in quality.

Despite the incredible improvements made however, there are still good habits that can be developed by users in your facility to make these mission-critical components perform at their highest level, maintain costs per expectation (or better) and extend their end-of-life as long as possible. 

Now that you’ve learned a few basics to prevent some potential problems with your printer, download the “Basics of Printer Troubleshooting” and keep it handy on your laptop or phone so you can quickly identify, and sometimes remedy, the issue yourself without having to call a maintenance resource and extend the downtime on the floor.

You’ll also learn basic terms and types of problems to look for like: 

  • Ribbon wrinkling, slippage or breaking 
  • Printhead energy and pressure settings 
  • Bleeding, poor edge definition and random voids on labels

Still need an expert? Peak-Ryzex has a dedicated team of experts to help you ensure you have the optimal solution – including the right label and right printer for every application and requirement. Contact us today for a quick audit of your existing solution: 1-888-444-9128.