Printhead Replacement Programs

Maximize Return on Investment for Your Printers and Supplies

Peak-Ryzex has a number of value-added programs that help reduce the cost of printing, improve the total cost of ownership of your printing solution, and accelerate ROI.

The cost of maintaining a mission-critical thermal barcode printing can be high, with stock and custom labels, thermal ribbons, printheads, and equipment repair contracts all contributing to ongoing operating expenses. That’s why Peak-Ryzex has introduced a number of Printhead Protection Programs based on your unique circumstances to virtually eliminate one major ongoing variable cost of printing… thermal printheads.

The Peak-Ryzex Priority Gold® Program is a no-cost printhead replacement program. Receive high-quality printing supplies at a fixed price, while having a single point of contact for all of your print operations, service, and support needs.

With Priority Gold, we’ll start by making sure your printing supplies and printers are paired correctly for optimal performance. We’ll be there to ensure maximum uptime through the support of our nationwide equipment repair organization. Purchase an annual supplies blanket contract and equipment repair contract with your printer and you’ll receive replacement printheads at no cost. If a printhead fails during the contract period (when using the printing supplies purchased under the blanket agreement), a factory-trained Peak-Ryzex Customer Service Engineer will replace it at no charge. It’s that simple.

Peak-Ryzex's Priority Gold can save you between $470 and $950 every time a printhead is replaced during your agreement period.

Since a single printhead can equal or exceed the cost of an annual equipment repair contract, you receive all the benefits of a Peak-Ryzex annual equipment repair and printing supplies contract, while saving money every time a printhead is replaced.

Here's How It Works

For example, the replacement printhead cost on Printer X is $575 and average on-site equipment repair and travel costs average $350, depending on location. An annual maintenance contract on printer X is $600. If you elected to participate in Priority Gold, you would save $325 with your first replacement printhead.