Mobility Optimization, Analytics & Reporting

Manage Mobility

Peak-Ryzex’s Manage Mobility brings reporting, expense and device data updates all in one place. Easily review and evaluate service, hardware and device costs across all individuals and departments, all under one portal; ensuring devices and carrier services spending are as low as possible. Make more effective business decisions through reliable data analytics and reporting.

Data Reporting & Analytics

We optimize data gathering and provide you with in sight through customized reports and actionable data that allows you to make targeted business decisions.

What are GL codes?

GL code stands for General Ledger Code. These are just numerals you assign to accounting entries to provide for easier and simpler accounting records. GL codes allow you and your staff to spend fewer hours on data-entry and prepare reports much quicker and more effectively. GL codes can also optimize the time and effort needed for weekly, monthly, and annual reconciliations for financial reports.

What is cost allocation?

Cost allocation, or Cost Assignment, is simply a solution for identifying, assigning and aggregating common shared services costs for any item you wish to measure across several cost objects. These could be departments in your business, territories, offices, etc. With cost allocation regarding your mobile devices, their service contracts, repairs, acquisitions, program implementations, etc., you can see the true costs associated and formulate more accurate budgets, proposals, and optimizations within your company. By defining your costs (Direct, Indirect, and Indirect-Admin) your organization is able to see the true costs of the services and/or products they provide.