Mobile Device Provisioning

Provisioning and Deployment

Whether you require a handful of mobile devices at one site or thousands of consumer and rugged devices across multiple locations, Peak-Ryzex’s  team offers a Mobile Device Provisioning and Deployment Service that provides you the power to outsource all staging, provisioning and setup tasks to our team of experts. Our extensive knowledge of applications, operating systems, connectivity settings and hardware allows us to efficiently manage the entire procurement, provisioning and deployment process for you so that your team can focus on your core business.

The Peak-Ryzex Mobile Device Provisioning and Deployment Service goes beyond a standard software load. You receive a mobile device exactly suited to your company’s requirements by user type, kitted with accessories, labeled, packed and shipped to your individual user facility… fully tested and prepared, delivered on time, on budget and as promised. Your employees can use their new mobile devices immediately – right out of the box – with communications, charged batteries and a pre-agreed golden image.

Typical provisioning and deployment services include:

Peak-Ryzex’s Managed Mobility Solution is Built on Proven, Repeatable and Scalable Processes

Dead on Arrival (DOA) Check

On receipt of assets, checks are carried out to ensure DOAs are replaced/repaired by the hardware vendor before staging is started and to minimize DOAs being delivered to the customer.

Smart Staging

Where possible, staging is carried out using Smart Staging. Smart Staging means multiple-device software deployment to decrease time by automation while increasing throughput and accuracy, which will help to reduce lead times and errors.

Asset Reporting

A completed asset report is provided, including: Serial number, Asset number, IMEI number, SIM number, Ship to location, Ship to date, Shipping tracking number, and other customer specific relevant details (MAC address/phone number etc.)

Quality Control (QC)

Prior to shipment, quality checks are completed during hardware staging, including automated QC and testing all working components of a device to ensure the device is acceptable to ship.

Golden Image Deployment

Prior to shipment, Golden Image is signed off by Customer and then applied to all devices. Automated loading prevents human error and ensures all devices are loaded consistently.

Asset Labeling

Prior to shipment, unique asset labels are applied to all devices, including a specific message or phone number (if required). Unique asset label is also attached to accessories and consumable items. Asset labeling enables tracking and traceability by the Customer and Peak-Ryzex.

SIM Management

For Activation services prior to shipment, all SIM cards will be installed into devices.


Hardware is securely packaged to reduce the risk of damage and shipped with a copy of the completed asset report to specific sites. Tracking number and Proof of Deliveries available if required.

Why Peak-Ryzex is the Right Choice

Managing the device setup process in-house may initially seem like a cost-saving measure. However, provisioning and deploying mobile devices is an extremely time-consuming process, requiring extensive knowledge of applications, wireless carriers and hardware. Ultimately, what may seem like a small task can put a significant strain on your workforce and detract from your core business initiatives. When you outsource this process to our team of experts, we ensure that your device-provisioning project is rapid and runs smoothly from end-to-end. By working with Peak-Ryzex, we maximize your uptime, saving you a significant amount of manpower and money. Leverage the potential of Managed Mobility in your supply chain. Contact us to learn more about our Managed Mobility Services.

How can we help you Manage your Mobile Enterprise?

Contact your Peak-Ryzex representative today to learn more about how our Managed Mobility Services can be your hassle-free mobility solution.

What is Provisioning in Telecom?

A simple, overview definition of provisioning is the configuration, deployment, and management of your IT systems and resources across your enterprise. In telecommunications this includes setting up your equipment, preparing and equipping your network to allow for new users, and user management. The devices are provisioned based on the client's network equipment, design and network planning. The provision not only configures all required systems but allows users to access technology and data resources across your enterprise, dependent upon the user's unique identity, access rights and restrictions. Provisioning helps to ensure security of enterprise resources, ensure corporate compliance, minimize system vulnerabilities to abuse and penetration, and reduce the amount of custom configuration needed.

Provisioning logic (an algorithm that translates a system service to a network service) is used for translating information from a device to the corresponding parameters of the network, like sending information directly to Peak-Ryzex's Telecom Expense Management (TEM) service.

What is Golden Image?

A Golden Image is used as a template for your organization's various virtual hardware/machines. This virtual desktop infrastructure is a clone of the master disk drive from which all of your devices operate. Having this golden image saves numerous hours and resources as it creates a consistent environment for your employees and any other end-users. A golden image is also called a clone image, base image, or master image. At its core the golden image is the foundation of your virtual machines and hardware, streamlining the process and ease of use, because mission critical applications are not dependent on the device, but the network itself.

With Peak-Ryzex's Managed Mobility services, we set up your Golden Image only after fully understanding your end goal and exactly what you are trying to accomplish. We keep in mind from start to finish the concerns of maximum usability and maximum stability and security. With our purpose-driven plan customized specifically for your business and enterprise, we do not add unnecessary applications and resources, ensuring that your golden image doesn’t become bloated and ultimately ineffective, which can often happen with what is commonly referred to as the “kitchen sink approach.” While creating your golden image our team of IT professionals understand licensing requirements, hardware memory, hardware CPU, and all other aspects that will affect your end usability and stability.