Mobile Order Management

& Procurement Solutions

Peak-Ryzex’s Mobile Procurement and Order Management process leverages over 30 years of experience in device consultation, selection and ordering. Peak-Ryzex specializes in recommending the right mobile device for our customer’s specific business application, user base and workflow. Peak-Ryzex specializes in mobile devices of all types from consumer devices to light duty devices to highly rugged devices for the harshest of environments, including a full portfolio of mobile device accessories and printing supplies. We leverage our extensive knowledge of both WLAN and WWAN environments and our relationships with the leading wireline and wireless carriers to provide a wide array of carrier service plan options, all customizable to your business needs.
  • Consumer
  • Rugged
  • Tablets
  • Scanners
  • Chargers/cradles/cables
  • Cases/holsters
  • Vehicle mounting hardware
  • Enterprise sleds
  • Batteries

Our consultative approach to recommending the right device for your specific application includes an extensive list of environmental and use-case factors including:

  • Operating system preferences or requirements
  • Barcode scanning requirements
  • Environmental exposure (dust/dirty/wet environment)
  • Temperature exposure (direct sun, cold)
  • User workflow to gauge drop specifications
  • Requirements for mobile printing
  • Customer interaction & interface (signatures, device aesthetics)
  • Other factors (glove environment, vibration specifications)
  • Budget constraints
  • Delivery timelines

Web Based Ordering & Management

After we have helped our customers select the right mobile devices, accessories, carrier plans, printers, supplies and support plans, Peak-Ryzex’s Prism Portal takes over. Prism Portal is a web-based eProcurement and Management portal featuring hierarchy levels to enforce user and device policy. Prism Portal provides a complete approval workflow to make sure that every order is reviewed and approved to prevent theft or fraud. Customers can manage the status of their order and view the details of each order on the web portal 24/7. With the account changes module, users can submit changes to their product catalog or account and receive quick turnaround times with email notifications and online status tracking.
Prism Portal features:
  • Fully customizable and configurable
  • Display only approved devices, carrier plans and accessories
  • Edit devices, carrier rate plans, options, vendors and access
  • View pending order notifications with hierarchical approval options
  • Completed orders with full historical analysis and archiving
  • Tracking from order to inventory to invoice validation
  • Extensive support options including email, chat, call or online support
  • Ongoing Asset Management
  • Order Reporting
  • Depot Service / RMA Management

What is eProcurement?

E-Procurement stands for Electronic Procurement – sometimes referred to as “supplier exchange” – and is often associated with supply-chain-management. No matter the name used, eProcurement is simply the purchase and sale of supplies, services, and work digitally, such as through the internet and networking and information systems. These sales could be business-to-business or business-to-government and in some scenarios business-to-consumer (B2B, B2G, B2C). A key pain point eProcurement solves is eliminating the need for paper-based and manual processes, which vastly improves your company's purchasing process efficiency and transparency, all while saving the company money.

If your businesses and/or corporation is still using email and other traditional methods of procurement, like excel documents and snail mail, switching to Manage Mobility by Peak-Ryzex will improve your efficiency and streamline your purchasing process. You will have improved oversight of purchases, an increase in events per buyer, decreased time in request-to-buy and approvals, as well as easier to navigate analytics and audits.

With e-procurement’s focus on business purchasing, it is interfaced as such, rather than as typical consumer purchasing with shopping carts, etc. The interface rather focuses on commercial transactions, shipping, purchasing orders (POs), payment tools, and specialized/unique invoicing.

How can we help you Manage your Mobile Enterprise?

Contact your Manage Mobility expert today to learn more about how our Manage Mobility Services can be your hassle-free mobility solution.