RFID Services

Real-Time Tracking of Business-Critical Assets

Many companies today face the challenges of managing inventory and assets with cumbersome manual data entry processes or legacy technology, which results in the delay of critical information necessary to run an efficient operation. Without real-time visibility within key business processes, companies face the challenge of NOT having the right asset, at the right time, in the right place. Or even worse yet, losing high-value or business-critical assets.

Peak-Ryzex provides RFID solutions to eliminate manual data entry and process bottlenecks to improve the automated scanning of assets by providing real-time visibility.

Peak-Ryzex’s in-depth knowledge of best practices in the areas of distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, and asset tracking have assisted our customers in determining system justification and attaining the associated return on investment for RFID projects.

Peak-Ryzex provides a single source to insure that all components of the RFID project (hardware, software, process review and redesign, training, documentation, onsite support) are actually well-integrated components of the entire solution.

As an unbiased consultant working as an extension of your team, Peak-Ryzex observes and points out concepts and approaches that need to be discussed to insure the success of the project. Peak-Ryzex places a large emphasis on the design of the system. Our experience has shown that proper systems design is a large contributor to the total success of an RFID systems project.