Wireless Site Surveys

Ensuring Speed and Accuracy

Wireless systems can allow fast access to essential business information. And, if a system is not implemented correctly, it can result in lost money and productivity. A site survey will address the environmental factors – from walls and poles to metal and temperature – that can impact your wireless coverage.

A Peak-Ryzex wireless local area network (WLAN) site survey is a physical survey of the premise where the network will be installed. A WLAN site survey can help you:

Put our proven experience and wireless consulting best practices to work for you.

Wireless Site Surveys – A Process for Peak-Ryzex Performance

Peak-Ryzex site surveys include the following elements:


Peak-Ryzex identifies the best locations for access point placement so the network can provide optimal wireless coverage and maximum performance.

Environmental Factors

A Peak-Ryzex wireless engineer considers the factors that can disrupt coverage, such as building construction materials, types of products in the building, racking systems, freezers, and other RF devices already installed.

Propagation Frequencies Testing

The engineer physically tests the propagation frequencies and determines where to place the access points and what direction to point the antenna to maximize coverage and data rate throughput.


If required, during the survey process, specifications are carefully developed for the required network layout and cabling.

Final Report

At the completion of the survey, a written report includes:

Administrative details
Survey equipment data
Site survey results
Surveyor's notes
Suggested system equipment with specifications
Customer supplied system components
Equipment locations
Network cabling information
Technical support information
Hardware support information
Scheduling terms and conditions A series of CAD drawings showing
the coverage pattern for each radio transceiver on the day of the survey.

Express Site Surveys

Onsite visits aren't possible? Peak-Ryzex's Express Site Survey uses a series of telephone based consultations and customer-supplied site drawings to make recommendations for the transceivers' optimal positioning for adequate RF propagation.