WLAN Infrastructure

The Heart of the Wireless System

For the successful implementation of the most mission-critical wireless business systems you can count on the planning, processes, products, and people of Peak-Ryzex. Our certified wireless engineers have the tools, talent and training to make certain that every WLAN infrastructure solution we deliver operates as a robust and unified system. Whether it’s connecting mobile computing, scanning, vehicle-mount units, tablets, or RFID solutions, Peak-Ryzex wireless engineers are among the industry’s top specialists. Our wireless engineers are certified for our major wireless infrastructure partners as well as other network infrastructure components including backbones, operating systems, management tools, and databases.

Wireless System Installation

Peak-Ryzex provides complete system installation services including network hardware and access points. From our thorough pre-installation checklist to our comprehensive implementation planning processes, we ensure that the installation goes smoothly long before the physical installation begins. Peak-Ryzex brings your new wireless system online fast, with minimal disruption to your existing processes or workflow. Peak-Ryzex ensures that all components of the wireless system work as an integral part of your overall system to provide a seamless operating environment for your users.

Network Cabling

We also offer a comprehensive network cabling infrastructure service for copper Ethernet, fiber, Cat5, Cat5 PVC, and Cat6 providing our customers with a turn-key low-risk implementation. Utilizing a Peak-Ryzex generated site survey, we will determine what network cable infrastructure services are required and assemble a tailored quotation for each site.