GHS Compliance Labeling

A specialty gas producer rolled out an on-demand GHS-compliant labeling solution to replace its expensive label inventory.
Based in Germany, The Linde Group – a leading supplier of industrial, process and specialty gases – has products and services found in nearly every industry in more than 100 countries. Peak-Ryzex provided an on-demand GHS-compliant label printing solution that meets The Linde Group’s need to support four print stations and unique templates for each product manufactured and shipped from its US facility.

Situation: Providing On-Demand GHS-Compliant Labeling

  • Industry: Specialty gases
  • Location: East Coast (United States); five sites including US and Canada
  • ERP System: SAP

The Linde Group needed a GHS-compliant labeling solution for products it manufactures and ships from its east coast plant.

Linde needed a way to print full color labels – on demand – on media meeting both DOT and GHS compliance requirements to replace its expensive label inventory. The solution had to support four print-only stations, revision control and a means to consolidate formats into a fewer subset of templates with rather unique formats for each product.

Additionally, there was a need to print both English and Dalian (Chinese) on labels.


There was no existing system capable of providing and maintaining the pictograms and MSDS phrasing required to comply with GHS requirements. Peak-Ryzex repurposed an existing front-end custom application and database that leveraged BarTender Enterprise Automation Labeling software, Epson TM-C831 color printers, ink, GHS-compliant labels, onsite printer repair service and professional services to provide a complete GHS solution.

BarTender software provides the means to design label templates using WYSIWG, resulting in fewer label formats, revision control and centralized security.

The custom front-end application provides centralized maintenance of paragraphs in multiple languages using unicode and pictograms in a custom MS-SQL database. Users can easily make changes to a single paragraph that is defined once and linked to a number of different products and effect changes to all of them.

Featured Products

  • BarTender Enterprise Automation Labeling software
  • Epson TM-C831 color printers and ink
  • GHS-compliant labels
  • Zebra LS3408 scanner

Featured Peak-Ryzex Services

  • Enterprise printing/labeling consulting services
  • Epson “Spare in the Air” printer service
  • Systems design, custom programming, database design, label format creation
  • Installation and training services (hardware and software)



The Linde Group was able to demonstrate GHS compliance to its top customer and management. This division has rolled out the solution in Alpha, NJ and to five additional sites Peak-Ryzex has provided the complete solution to all sites.

The Epson TM-C831 printer with matching ink and GHS-compliant labels provides the physical needs of the solution to meet stringent GHS requirements. When it's time to print, operators scan the material number using a handheld barcode reader, select the desired language and enter the number of copies desired. The printer is automatically defaulted based upon printer assignments to the user in the system.